Animals changed the course of History

1: Wolves stopped the first World War temporarily

In the winter of 1916 Russian and German troops entered a battle in an area between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.
The atmosphere and the scarcity forced the wolves to attack groups of soldiers on both sides, resulting a heavy loss of lifes.
Because of this situation both parties agreed to hold a truce between the two sides and killing the wolves first .
The Russians and the Germans were able to kill hundreds of wolves and returned to the battlefield.

2: “Snow Bull” the policeman cat

In 1994, the Canadian police found a body buried in a shallow tomb next to a blood-covered vest.
The DNA-test showed that the blood belonged to the victim, but they also found some long white hair belonging to an unknown cat.
After the investigation, the police knew that the victim’s husband, who secretly married him, lived near the burial site and possessed a white cat called “Snow Bull”.
The authorities got the “Snow Bowl” blood for DNA testing, and it turned out that no laboratory had tested DNA for a pet before, and no one wouldn’t be the first.

After numerous invitations and research, an institution agreed to help, and the police collected 20 blood samples from different cats to make sure that the cat didn’t own the DNA itself, then it was proven that the long hair belonged to “Snow Bowl”, and the husband was imprisoned.
This case opened the door to the use of animal DNA in crime and established the national DNA database of cats as a result.

3:The Smart chimpanzé David Graystar
The scientists thought until 1960 that humans are the only ones who have the ability to make and use tools, but on November 4th in the same year, the scientist (Jane Goodall) demonstrated the ability of David Greibard -a chimpanzé she was studying – to Use herbal stalks to extract ants from its nests.

Later, Godal also demonstrated that both David Greibard and another chimpanzé worked on hunting tools by stripping the twigs of their leaves and using it as hunting weapons.

4 The warring cocks that gave power to the old Greek soldiers

This story happened in the 5th century BC.
The leader of the Athenian general, Themitstockis, was on his way to confront the invading Persian forces, and stopped to watch two cocks quarrelling.
The leader called his soldiers and showed them that cocks don’t fight for glory, freedom, or security, but simply because each one doesn’t want to surrender in front of the other.
This instinctive aggressive show gaves strength and inspiration to the soldiers.