Animals in human war

The bats

In World War II, an American dentist found out a genius idea of using the bats in the war. The idea of this surgeon started when the air forces Japanese planes attacked the port of Pearl Harbor and killed many American soldiers. Because the bats’ fly at a lower level of buildings, the surgeon suggested linking the bats with incendiary bombs and firing thousands of them over the Japanese cities
The American President Roosevelt agreed to the idea, but the experiments took a long time and much money and couldn’t be implemented.

Submarine Seals

The ability of the seals to see in the weak light and to hear the underwater sounds encouraged the U.S. military to use them as army soldiers, the seals can swim at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, and dive for more than 300 meters! The role of the seals was to dive deep to detect the sea mine. Also to dive into the depths with video cameras, to send life pictures to the soldiers on the roof!

Bear Wojket

The story of the legendary brown bear Wojtek began when it was found by a Polish battalion in Iran during the World War II, after that the battalion’s soldiers decided to keep and to feed the small bear. Day after day Wojtek turned the mascot of the battalion, which recorded victories and successive successes in many States that have moved in while the bear is with them.

Wojtek travelled with the battalion to join the Polish Army, which is in strong battles with British forces in Italy; but the army chief refused to use it as a mascot, and decided to append it to the Polish Army and registered it as a soldier in the 22nd company competent to supply troops with supplies and ammunition. Within the Battle of “Monte Cassino “, Wojtek transported the ammunition to the Warriors.

After the war in 1945 Wojtek was sent to Berwickshire County in Scotland with some of his fellow soldiers in the battalion, who decided to live there. And the bear was honoured as a result of his contributions to the success of the British and Polish forces by considering his reputation as the official emblem of the 22 secrecy.