how to know your dog is depressed

Dogs can be depressed like humans. If their conditions are met, dogs enter into a bad psychological condition that changes their lifestyle, and their behavior and interaction with their surroundings, how do you know that your dog is depressed and what solutions are proposed to help him.

If you see a dog pulling out of your face always, retreating from playing with you and not practicing the activities that he normally enjoyed, make sure that this is one of the symptoms of depression.

Loss of Appetite:
It is normal for a dog to feel hungry every few hours, so if you see the dog’s appetite constantly decreasing, there is no satisfactory reason why the dog suffers from depression.

changing sleep pattern:
If you notice obvious changes in your dog’s preferred sleep pattern, this may be a sign of depression, so if a dog likes to sleep a lot and suddenly becomes incapacitated for sleep, there is a problem, but if the dog is accustomed to sleep a little and become a lot of sleep, this is an indication of a psychological problem.

The level of dog activity can be a direct indication of temperament, if you notice that its movement is slower than usual and that it spends a lot of time sitting in one place and seems not interested in walking abroad or playing this is an indication of a psychological problem as well.

What are the solutions?
If you notice these symptoms on your dog, you have to take him to the vet to help him improve his psychological condition, and determine the causes of his depression. if the reason is your lack of interest in him, try to give your dog more time, but if the reason is the nature of his food, try to diversify the food that your dog eats, also try The variety of activities your dog exercises.